Price Sheet

The prices below are what we pay for the listed items. If you do not see an item and would like a price, please contact us. In many cases, we can beat competitors’ prices.

IMPORTANT PLEASE READ *FOR SELLING SCRAP GOLD AND SILVER*: Per Michigan State Law (The Precious Metals and Gems Dealer Act), we are required to remit the following information to the Kent County Sheriff’s Dept: Customer Name, Address, DOB, DL Number, Photo of ID. This law was enacted to help in recovering stolen jewelry.

IMPORTANT PLEASE READ *FOR COLLECTIBLE COINS*: The prices below are for average circulated (~VG), common date coins (unless otherwise stated). Items that are corroded, discolored, very worn, or have any damage will have lower prices. Better date items, lightly circulated items, and items in better condition will have higher prices. *FOR BULLION*: items that are damaged in any way will have lower prices. Pricing is automatically updated (every 60 seconds) as spot price changes.


Silver Bullion
Spot Price: 23.15

.999+ 1oz Rounds/Bars: $22.9
.999+ 5oz Bars: $114
.999+ 10oz Bars: $228.6
.999+ 100oz Bars: $2,265.0
.999+ Kilo Bars: $718.5
Silver Eagles (UNC): $23.4
Sovereign/World Mint 1oz (UNC): $23.1

Gold Bullion
Spot Price: 2,003.87

1/10oz American Gold Eagle: $200.4
1/10oz Sovereign Gold: $190.3

1/4oz American Gold Eagle: $501.0
1/4oz Sovereign Gold: $481.2

1/2oz American Gold Eagle: $1,002.1
1/2oz Sovereign Gold: $962.4

1oz American Gold Eagle/Buffalo: $2,002.1
1oz Sovereign Gold: $1,942.1

Generic 1g 999+ Gold Bar $59.4



925 Sterling Silver: $0.48 per gram


10k Gold: $20.0 per gram
14k Gold: $27.7 per gram
18k Gold: $36.0 per gram
22k Gold: $46.3 per gram


Morgan Dollars
Common Dates: $20-$22

Peace Dollars
Common Dates: $20
1921: $80

Kennedy Half Dollars
1964: $8.00
1965-1969: $2.50
1970-D (UNC): $5.00

Franklin Half Dollars
Common Dates: $8.00

Walking Liberty Half Dollars
Common Dates: $8.00

Barber Half Dollars
Common Dates: $8.00

Washington Quarters
Common Dates: $4.00

Standing Liberty Quarters
Common Dates: $4.00

Roosevelt Dimes
Common Dates 1946-1964: $1.60

Mercury Dimes
Common Dates: $1.60

Barber Dimes
Common Dates: $1.60


Jefferson Nickels
1939-D: $1.00
Silver 1942P – 1945S: $0.75
1950-D: $2.00

Buffalo Nickels
4-Digit Common Dates: $0.25
Dateless: $0.10

Liberty V Nickels
Common Dates: $0.25

Shield Nickels
Common Dates: $8.00


Nickel 3-Cent Piece
Common Dates: $8.00

Silver 3-Cent Piece
Common Dates: $15.00

Two-Cent Piece
Common Dates: $8.00


Wheat Cents
Common Dates: $0.03
Steel: $0.06

Indian Head Cents
Common Dates: $0.25

Flying Eagle Cents
1857, 1858: $8.00

Large Cents
Common Dates: $8.00