1906 S $20 Liberty Double Eagle Gold Coin


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This 1906 S $20 Liberty Double Eagle Gold Coin represents an invaluable piece of American history. Minted in San Francisco before 1933, this Pre-33 Gold coin is a testament to the country’s rich and storied past. The coin’s denomination is $20 and it is made of 0.9675 try oz. gold, a precious metal that has retained its value for centuries. This particular coin is highly sought after by collectors and investors alike due to its rarity and unique story. It is a symbol of hope, freedom, and prosperity, and a must-have for any serious coin collector. Don’t miss your chance to own a piece of American history with this 1906 S $20 Liberty Double Eagle Gold Coin.

  • Contains 0.9675 Troy Oz Gold
  • 1906 S
  • US Mint
  • Face Value $20

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